About Me

My name is Rainer and I am a german Popart artist. I love art and screen printing with all my heart and pursue this hobby since 2006. I startet out of curiosity and the ambition to create something beautiful. By now, I am selling my prints worldwide and even though my income as a artist won’t last for living, my motivation for carrying on is the thought of someone’s only reason for buying my prints is him liking it so much, that he wants to own one.

Why pineapples you ask? Here are the top 3 reasons, why my pineapples should hang in your room: (not chronological and not scientifically proved…)

1. Those, who aren’t lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise, can bring some tropical paradise to their homes.
2. The bare presence of my pineapple in a room unconsciously fulfills every observer with deep pleasure and increases their well-being.
3. My pineapple in your bedroom turns you into a better lover.

So if you like me and my work please tell your friends about it and follow me on vimeo and instagram to stay up to date. Thanks!